FutureSkills portal is designed as a resource for the IT-ITeS industry to enable discovery, continuous learning and deep skilling in 10 emerging technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Mobile Tech, Robotic Process Automation, Virtual Reality & 3D Printing). The portal has been designed as a marketplace and content library, where the best global providers of content and learning come together to offer learners information on the latest jobs, the skills needed for those jobs, learning content, assessments and certifications. The platform is fueled by a curation engine that has the ability to trawl the massive amount of high quality learning content available on the web and funnel it in an easy to consume format that’s meaningful and effective for the learners.


Through its design, FutureSkills creates an environment for the learner towards:


    An easy to navigate user-interface allows users to scroll through their areas of interest. Learners can either choose to ‘follow’ a particular technology, job role or skill and get a wide variety of bite sized learning being delivered to their learning feed on their computer or smartphone or can define their areas of interest and have the AI based curation engine select what is best suited for their interests and learning styles.

  • Continuous Learning

    Curated content and curated learning pathways can enable a learner on a journey that can be undertaken at any time. Learners get 5 pieces of curated content every day, in addition to material from the courses they may have signed up for. Continuous learning prepares for readiness, augments an existing training program and reinforces learning after the learning event is over. Vlabs and assessments aid in the application.

  • Deep Skilling

    Once the learners have discovered where their interests and aptitude lie, by exploring about each of the technologies, they can use the marketplace of training providers on FutureSkills to go through a formal course with certification in their area of choice. The marketplace have providers such as EdX, Simpli Learn, MITx, platform providers such as AWS, Microsoft, Redhat and virtual labs.


FutureSkills is available today to nasscom Members as a per user annual subscription based on the number of users. What does Subscription include? Read more

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