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Futureskills is an online platform by NASSCOM and leading companies to skill people in new age technologies and equip themselves for jobs in the global tech world. Futureskills is being setup in partnership with leading content providers, assessment companies, certification bodies and technology partners across the world.

Launch by the Hon'ble Indian Prime Minister

The futureskills platform has been launched by the Hon'ble Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on February 19 in the presence of Industry leaders and senior Government officials

  • Internet of Things

    Embedded Systems Programmer
    Cloud Support Engineer
    Information Security Analyst
    Solution Architect
    Business Analyst
    Hardware Design Engineer
    Computer Vision Engineer
    UI/UX Designer
    Network Wireless Specialist
    Software Engineer
    Platform Developer
    Data Scientist
    Testing Engineer, IoT
    App Developer
    Data Architect
  • Virtual Reality

    App Developer Optical Scientist
    Product Hardware Engineer
    Service Technologist
    VFX Artist
    Testing Engineer, Virtual Reality
    UI Designer
    Computer Vision Engineer
    Information Security Analyst
    Solution Architect
    Sensor Architect
    Sound Designer,
    Virtual Reality
    Software Engineer, VR Devices
    3D Modeling Engineer
    3D Graphic Artist
  • Robotic Process Automation

    Service Engineer
    Business Analyst
    Robotic Process Automation Developer
    Solution Architect
    Development Coordinator
    Solution Architect
    Testing Engineer
    Business Analyst
  • Big Data Analytic

    Data Analyst
    Data Integrator
    Business Analyst
    Data Scientist
    Solution Architect
  • 3D Printing

    Software Engineer-Slicing
    3D Modeling engineer
    3D Graphic Artist
    Solution Architect
    System Test Engineer
    3D Printing Technician
    Material Analyst Engineer
  • Cloud Computing

    Migration Engineer
    Cloud Architect
    Cloud Software Engineer
  • Social & Mobile

    Social Engagement Manager
    UI Designer
    UX Designer
    Application Developer
    Testing Engineer
    Digital Marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence

    AI Research Scientist
    AI Research Scientist Image & Videos
    Hardware Integration Engineer
    AI Research Scientist
    Language Processing
    Data Scientist
    Data Architect
    Software Engineer
    Testing Software Engineer
    Application Platform, AI

Future Job Roles The futureskills platform has setup an ambitious target to upskill 2 million people current IT professionals and skill another 2 million youth and fresh graduates in disruptive technologies

The futureskills platform

During 2017, NASSCOM in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group conducted an indepth global study on the future of jobs. We came up with a list of 8 disruptive technologies and corresponding 55 job roles that will fundamentally impact individuals, companies and Governments over the next 10 years. These technologies and job roles form the foundation and starting point of how we are setting up futureskills.
The futureskills platform has been setup as a marketplace, where the best global providers of content and learning will come together to offer you information on the latest jobs, the skills you need for those jobs, learning content, assessments on how you have performed, and certifications to help you move to the next level.
The futureskills platform has setup an ambitious target to upskill 2 million people current IT professionals and skill another 2 million youth and fresh graduates in disruptive technologies


The Futureskills Platform is
hosted by Edcast, a leading Silicon Valley
organization for personalized learning.

Futureskills is developing partnership
with leading providers for content,
assessments, simulations, job roles
and competency models

We are also approaching the
following organizations for learning


Once you are on the futureskills platform, you will find it is a one stop shop for all your learning needs for future technologies. You can start by discovering the high demand career paths, identifying your skill gap, learning the required skills, assessing your progress, and certifying yourself so you can apply for a future job.

The platform will let you make your individual profile, customize your journey, save your progress, and give further recommendations for how you can move towards the future.

  • Discover

    new career paths,
    new roles in future
    technologies and the skills

  • Identify

    Your current skill level and your skill gap. Identify the custom learning pathways

  • Learn

    required skills from curated & customized content, Learn with the help of a powerful AI engine

  • Assess

    Your proficiency on the courses taken. Assess your skills through standard tests

  • Certify

    Gain credentials, certify yourself on future skills through globally acceptable certification bodies