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From Creation to Curation

As the need to create technology based applications is constantly on the rise, from cars that can drive themselves to robots that identify dangerous skin cancers to immersive media that has transformed how we experience content, building and strengthening a source of learning content for IT professionals has become an imperative today.

Though there is an abundance of content available on any topic on the internet, weaving relevant content into a meaningful learning pathway to facilitate the learning of an individual to pick up a new skill is a challenge. As new learning models are evolving that are social and collaborative in nature, content curation by Subject Matter Experts is the next big thing!

Why become a Subject Matter Expert (SME)?

  • Be recognized as an expert and share your knowledge with a community of learners.
  • Network with your peer group - online and offline.
  • As you find meaningful content, curate it into a unique learning pathway using simple tools.
  • Drive, Inspire, Motivate & Influence Skilling for the workforce of the IT/ITeS Industry.
  • Show-off your expertise and see how the world responds.
How can you contribute as an SME on
The FutureSkills Portal?
  • FIND

    Identify relevant content like videos, blogs, articles, podcasts etc on the portal or on the Internet that says what you want to say.


    Arrange the content in a logical sequence so that it makes sense to a learner. Add fun elements like a quiz.


    Review your pathway, tag it well and publish at the click of a button.

What do you contribute as an SME on
the FutureSkills Portal?
  • livestream
    Reach out to your followership - Live.
    Schedule an open-house for your followership to address their queries.
    Make byte-sized learning content from Text / Images / Videos / Links.
    Create a collection of SmartCards for continuous learning.
Here's what you can do Just spending two hours a week
  • Curate Smartcard
    • Make a habit of uploading relevant material as you come across it so that there is always something new to see.
  • Train the AI Engine
    • Help the AI Engine identify content sources, keywords, related topics and leaders in the area of interest.
    • Train the AI engine to learn what is relevant and what is not, till it does the job on its own.
  • Curate Pathway
    • Arrange your content in a logical sequence so that new learners can follow it step-by-step.
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