• Communication Skills Program: Upskilling thousands of learners on FutureSkills in one of the most relevant skills of today

    Program Content: DeakinCo., offered two courses focussed on improving workplace communication skills to FutureSkills subscribers. The foundation-level course, Fundamentals of Communication, developed for graduates & early careerists and the second course, Effective Communication in the Workplace, suited to emerging professionals operating in supervisory or leader roles. Program Relevance: The courses offered by DeakinCo. were highly interactive and individual-centred, consisting of practical activities that would help learners hone their communication skills. Both individuals learners as well as FutureSkills Member Firms found the program to be extremely valuable and relevant in the current times. It resonated well with their current skilling needs.

  • nasscom Reskilling Series: The Journey of Cyient

    Cyient is focusing on digital transformation and updating its offerings in the New Normal, anticipating demand for AI based inspection, Cloud based migrations, AR/VR based collaboration tools etc. Much before the pandemic struck, Cyient realised the need to keep its workforce relevant by reskilling.  Cyient utilised the pandemic to pivot to digital projects by reskilling its workforce. It is also looking at hiring gig-workers to bring flexibility in its business model.

  • nasscom Reskilling Series: The Journey of CGI

    Much before the process of digital transformation, there was a company that embraced open source, recognised the power of collaboration, leveraged ecosystems, and built digital competence across a 15,000-member workforce with tangible ROI. CGI, a front runner in the IT and business consulting services market, supports the professional development of its workforce in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region to provide clients with the “best of the best” of talent and expertise.

  • Transforming Knowledge Evolution at [x] cube LABS through Social & Collaborative Learning

    Learning is critical and for small and medium enterprises it often takes place onthe-job with Subject Matter Experts and practitioners sharing their tacit knowledge. However, for collaborative learnings to be impactful, there is a need for tools that can facilitate active engagement of the learners, rather than passive absorption of existing content. [x]cube labs prides itself on how it has been able to rise to this challenge.

  • Driving Knowledge Sharing & Future Readiness through nasscom FutureSkills

    For Wipro, digitization is the key guiding principle. Key focus is to empower its employees with bestin-class learning opportunities and to make them digital-ready. In 2018, Wipro enabled more than 100,000 employees on digital skills.

  • nasscom FutureSkills Accelerates Tech Mahindra's Digital Learning Journey

    Building one's own digital capabilities' is core to Tech Mahindra's digital transformation strategy. It stands by the principle of leveraging its internal talent before hiring externally. Learning ecosystem – 'DEXT' and Programs like 'RIDE', 'Competence to Deployment', etc are testimonials to its philosophy of empowering its employees with best-in-class learning.

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