As a host of emerging technologies change the future of work, a massive disruption is facing the IT-ITES industry today. Of the 4.5 m people employed in the industry today, 1.5 -2 m are expected to require reskilling in the next 4-5 years. A decoupling of revenue and headcount growth is visible even today and employers and employees need to adapt themselves to the changing job environment of technological shifts and changing stakeholder expectations. The problem is too large to be handled alone. It needs a collaborative industry level response. With nasscom as the enabler, IT-ITeS Industry has stepped up to the challenge with the FutureSkills Initiative – a truly industry driven learning ecosystem.


Under the aegis of nasscom, a Skills of the Future Workgroup was set up, with representatives from the Industry to understand the implications of the disruption caused by technology. Led by BCG, a research was conducted to understand the shape of future skilling/reskilling initiative that will be able to deal with the wave of digital disruption. The research identified the technologies poised to grow tremendously, associated job roles and corresponding skills required for those technologies. FutureSkills thus focuses on 155+ skills spanning across 70+ job roles on 10 emerging technologies namely Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Mobile Tech, Robotic Process Automation, Virtual Reality & 3D Printing were identified.


nasscom FutureSkills was launched on 19th February 2018 in the presence of senior industry leaders and government officials. FutureSkills portal uses the technology of the future, to create a space where a learner can access content on all the skills of the future. A learner can seamlessly access free and paid content, assessments, virtual labs and get certified on the skills of their choice.

The platform is fueled by a curation engine that has the ability to trawl the massive amount of high-quality learning content available on the web and funnel it in an easy to consume format that’s meaningful and effective for the learners. It also has a curation feature that allows Subject Matter Experts from Industry and academia to contribute by curating content and learning pathways on these technologies.